"Someday" won't make your dream a reality.


10-Day Collaboration Bootcamp
July 17th-27th


Are you ready to finally make a living doing what you love? The number one thing holding people back is resisting change, but when it comes to changing your life, if you aren't scared then you're doing something wrong.

Permanently free yourself from slaving away in the 9-5 grind and start your new career in a destination you've only dreamt about!

Join us and 9 other like-minded individuals on this transformative journey through the magical Kenya wilderness. During this 10-day social media bootcamp, we'll teach you exactly how we travel the globe landing paid collaborations and brand deals with some of the world's biggest businesses and how you can be doing the same.This is your opportunity to start a new career in social media and become a commercial content creator with the freedom to work on your own time from anywhere in the world! Most people are too scared to take this leap of faith. What are you going to do?

Watch the video below to find out more info, or click the apply now button to get this journey started! - Hurry, spots are limited!

Make a living doing what you love.

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This Social Media Retreat in Kenya is for you if...

You've landed a few free collabs, but you aren't sure how to reach out to brands or make money

You know your niche, you have an engaged audience, you know you can offer valuable content to brands, and maybe you've even landed your first few collaborations, BUT you just aren't quite sure how to reach out to brands or even ask them for money. You know you deserve to be paid for your services and you're ready to start making a consistent income!

You're working with brands, but you aren't making enough $$$ to replace your day job

You have been landing consistent paid brand deals, but you still aren't making enough money to quit your day job. You don't know how to position yourself to make more money when working with a brand or build a long lasting partnership. You're ready to take it to the next level and make this your full time job.

You understand this is going to take work, but you're ready to commit to building your dream life.

This social media bootcamp will give you everything you need to start landing paid brand deals and make a consistent income. The only thing it doesn't do is the work it takes you to make it happen. So if you're ready to, learn, implement, and commit this year to building up your business then The Social Media Retreat is for you!

You're feeling lost about your career path

The social media bootcamp is for you if you find yourself feeling lost in direction about your career path and think you would love to work for yourself, on your own time, from anywhere in the world. You just aren't quite sure how to make that happen.

You want to monetize your Instagram, you just don't know where to start

You know you want to be a content creator, you know you want to work with brands, you just aren't sure where to even start, but you're ready to go all in and start making an income from social media!

To sum things up:

The Social Media Retreat IS for you if you'd like the freedom to work from anywhere and become financially free as a content creator. Do you fit into any of these categories above? If so, it looks like you'd be a perfect fit for this course!

What's included?

Make a living doing what you love

In-person Bootcamp

  • 10 days in Kenya, Africa
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Luxury villa with private chef
  • All meals included
  • African Safari
  • Snorkling Trip
  • In-person lessons on collaborations
  • One-on-one time with experts
  • Make a living doing what you love

    Value Packed Bundle

    All of our Social Media Bootcamp students will get this bundle that is packed with value.

  • IG Audit
  • x40 Lightroom presets/filter for mobile
  • Collab Guide
  • Millennial's Guide to Branding e-book
  • Creating a Travel Lifestyle Guide
  • Creator's Guide to Money Makin'
  • Make a living doing what you love

    Lifetime access

    You'll have lifetime access to the online pre-coursework and the Social Media Bootcamp coursework, so that you can always go over the learning materials. You will also have access to our exclusive Facebook community, so that if you have a question or need guidance, you're just a click away.

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    Part of you is like, I'M SO IN SIGN ME UP, but then the other part of you still has some doubts… Does this sound like you?

    But... I already bought products that promised the same thing and I'm STILL looking for answers

    Part of you might be so tempted, but the other part might be saying "how is this retreat different from other products? I don't want to waste my money on another product that doesn't get me the results it promises." Well, that's the entire reason we created The Social Media Retreat.
    The difference between this retreat and any other is that we didn't luck into any of this. We had no job and no back up plan. We forced ourselves to learn how to make money from brand collaborations as nano-influencers. Instead of focusing on follower count, we focus on all the other aspects of content creation and how to show your value to brands. See, you can have 100K followers... but if you don't know how to successfully pitch yourself then you are going to struggle with income consistency.

    But... I'm scared it won't work for me

    You're asking the wrong question! Instead of asking, "What if it won't work for me?" ask "What if it does work for me?!" Look, we know that investing in a retreat can be really scary. Wow, we were all so terrified when we first invested in ourselves. We've used our last dimes to pay for courses, but we dove into this new world of social media learning and the results speak for themselves.
    Here's the thing: we believe in taking mentorship from people who are where you want to be, so that you can take shortcuts whenever possible to save yourself a lot of trials, errors, and frankly, headaches. Show up, do the work, and I will pave the way for you.
    Making decisions from a place of fear isn't going to help you achieve those massive goals you've got, is it?

    But... I've tried everything already

    You might think you've tried everything already, but we aren't buying that - sorry! You might have seen what others were doing, tried and tested a few things a few times, thrown a ton of spaghetti at the wall and then given up when it didn't stick.
    We've been there and know that there are a couple reasons things might not have worked out for you in the past. There could be an issue with your branding, or there could be an issue with your pitching strategy.
    If there's an issue with your branding, it could mean you aren't attracting the right audience or speaking to the right people. If there's an issue with your pitching strategy it could be because you aren't reaching out to the right brands or doing all the necessary steps leading up to a pitch. (Yes, your pre-pitch strategy is just as important as the actual pitch!)

    But... I don't have an audience

    Perfect! Even more reason for you to join us in Kenya! SO many people think that you need thousands and thousands of followers in order to make money as a content creator and that's simply NOT true! What you DO need is an engaged audience and a perfect pitching strategy. The collaboration bootcamp teaches you how to achieve both!

    But... I don't have time for this

    This social media bootcamp gives you the knowledge on how to work for yourself, on your own time, so it just depends on how soon you want that to happen! I promise, your future self will be thanking your present self in no time when you have all the time in the world backpacking across SE Asia for a brand collaboration or counting your coin at home with the kids!

    To sum things up:

    Over our careers we've put all our effort into growing an engaged audience and learning how to create mutually beneficial relationships with brands. And guess what - it works! We’re so confident in the information/strategies we teach that if you implement what you learn you will make your money back over and over again. This course doesn't cost you money, it's a return on investment. Meaning IT PAYS YOU!


    Why should I come on this retreat?

    Because you are tired of the guess work, not knowing HOW the heck people make money working with brands. You're ready to take the next step to becoming financially free as a content creator and you're ready to start building the life you've always dreamt about. You should join, because we will hand you the playbook on successfully building an engaged audience, landing consistently paid brand deals, and how to create multiple steams of income as a content creator.

    What is a social media retreat/bootcamp?

    A social media retreat/bootcamp is a proactive course with like-minded people in your community to help you turn your social media account(s) into a profitable business. The bootcamp involves multiple lessons with professionals in the industry while the retreat includes memorable experiences one only dreams about doing in a country on your bucket list.

    How much does it cost?

    Today, you can join the Social Media Retreat for a one time payment of only $2997 or a payment plan can be arranged. But the question you should really ask is, "Can I afford to put off my dreams for another year?"
    In fact, this social media bootcamp doesn't actually cost you anything, because if you invest in our social media retreat and implement what you learn, it's only going to MAKE you money! You're going to learn how to make money over and over again in this 10 day bootcamp.

    Is a payment plan available?

    Yes, a payment plan is available for students wanting to join the social media bootcamp. The payment plan falls over a 2 month period with 2 installments of $1250.

    Is Africa safe?

    With half of our team coming from Africa, we have strong knowledge on dos and don'ts. Just like EVERY country, there are safe and unsafe areas, and we won't be going to places that aren't safe. The scariest thing you'll see are lions during the safari, but who doesn't want to see that!?

    Kenya entry requirements (vaccines, visa)

    Kenya is OPEN for travel! We're so excited to be going there. For regularly updated info, check out this page.

    Am I guaranteed spot if I apply?

    Since we want to maximise learning potential by keeping our bootcamp lessons at 10 students max, applying doesn't guarantee you a spot. We're also only accepting students who really want to turn their hobby into a career, and are suitable for this social media retreat.

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